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...People grow all the time


We human beings are the smartest creatures ever to walk the earth. We have more kinds of skills, more capacity for learning -- and we continue to gain knowledge and insight most of our lives.

Despite Our Potential, Unhappiness Abounds!

For all our many wonderful capabilities, all too many of us find ourselves having to endure serious levels of discontent.

Our emotional difficulties range from mild frustration to towering rages, and on to bottomless pits of depression, runaway anxiety, and guilt feelings you could spread with a trowel. Not to mention the malaise of boredom, the lack-luster mire of lovelessness, and other doldrums.


Current Articles

The discussions offered here are aimed at setting you on the road to a more interesting, more satisfying, more eventful life. It's all information that has proved useful to many people:

What is psychotherapy?
Is it useful? Or are you better off doing it yourself?

twisted CAUTION sign  CAUTION! Discover why you may need professional help. Make sure you are not at risk!

What Your Doctor May Be Missing
...It can delay -- or even prevent -- getting proper mental health care.

Why be assertive?
What asseriveness is. How you can recognize it. What it can do for you.


Upcoming Articles

The following titles are all "in the works" watch for them.

The Only Game in Town. A different guideline to happiness. It will be the main article in an upcoming psytalk.

Emotion Is Communication. A different look at what emotion is all about.

How To Cope With Anger -- your own and that of others.

Stress...Stress...Stress! It's time to give yourself a break!

So You're Depressed? Want to kick it in the keister?



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