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Each and every day presents us with a host of practical problems. The aim of these columns is to provide a reasonable approach to situations that are common. The columns are grouped into six categories (articles with hot-link highlighting are available now):

Couples' Issues...developing ways to get along with one another.

The Essence of Compatibility

Coping With Marital Conflict... (coming soon, it's in the works)

Individuals' Difficulties

What Your Doctor May Be Missing
...It can delay -- or even prevent -- getting proper mental health care.

The Psychology of Money
Does the thought of money freak you out?... Watch for this -- it's a shocker!

On Getting Others To Change
...a tough assignment -- is it possible? Or is it like getting pigs to sing?

Family Concerns

Recognizing Diseases That Mimic Alzheimer's. Don't assume someone has it. Get a reliable diagnosis.

Parents' Issues...raising kids is challenging.

Do Your Kids Suffer From Back-To-School Fears?
...a look at what often troubles youngsters.

Helping Your Child Cope With Bullying. Coming soon.

Co-dependents' Situations... dealing with people who abuse alcohol or drugs.

Husband Drinks Because He's "Bored"

Is Someone You Love Hooked?...a three-article series.

Part I - Recognizing the problem. Frequently Asked Questions.

Part II - Taking Care of Yourself. More frequently asked questions ... including how to intervene.

Part III - Solo Intervention. Additional frequently asked questions.

Seniors' Concerns...getting older -- must it be a struggle?

Enjoying Your Senior Years

Don't Act Your Age... if you feel younger than you are, enjoy. Show it!


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