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It can be a grave mistake to depend on self-help if...

* You are suicidal.
* You are homicidal.
* You are addicted to drugs or alcohol.
* You procrastinate.
* You find it difficult to make decisions for extended periods of time.
* You want the quickest route to getting results.


If none of these apply to you, you can return to the Self-Help page.

However, if one or more of these does apply, it is inadvisable to attempt to resolve your psychological problems on your own. Instead, find yourself a therapist. There are several options open to you:

  • You can obtain my counseling services four different ways...

    1. Counseling via the Internet. You can start engaging with me today.

      Click here to switch to the Internet Therapy Page.

      Discover for yourself how it works and how easy it is.

      Internet methods to communicate also include:

              Using the Guest Page or...

              Using my e-mail address, which is...

    2. I have office hours.

      In addition to seeing individuals, I counsel couples and families.

      I accept several insurance coverages including Medicare.

      For those without coverage, the fee is negotiable.

      If you are in the New York City region, give me a call. The number is (718) 274-1893.

      If you'd like, take a moment to find out about my outlook and look over my credentials.

      I'm located 20 minutes from midtown Manhattan -- easily reached by subway, bus, or car. The address is:

             32-50 54th Street
             Woodside, NY 11377-1928
             Phone: (718) 274-1893

    3. I also do telephone counseling. If you don't have the mobility needed for us to talk face-to-face, or if it is impractical to visit my office for other reasons, we can discuss your problems on the phone. Give me a call. (Same number as above.) Rates negotiated.

    4. You can request coverage in psytalk of the problem you want help with. This, understandably, is the slowest method. How soon I can respond depends on how long it takes to prepare an article on the subject you request, how much of a backlog I have at the moment, and how much time I have available.

      Use either the Guest Page or the e-mail address above.



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