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...Building On The Core Of Sanity


My focus is on developing the healthy core of sanity within each person. There is a fundamental intellectual and emotional sanity within us, a natural core that too often gets beaten down and outvoted by seemingly automatic responses steeped in "socialization" ideas that do not serve us well. I see my task as a therapist as one of stimulating and encouraging that core to grow and become dominant in a person's personality.

Through that growth, the person ceases to be the victim of troubling emotions and thoughts. In addition, interaction with others becomes more satisfying and rewarding.

Elements For Success

Three elements make for successful therapy:

  • Recognition that life isn't going the way one wants.

  • Willingness to engage in interactive discussion.

  • A warm, personal relationship with the therapist.

If you recognize that life hasn't turned out the way you wanted and expected, you will probably be motivated to pursue therapy with the resolve needed to improve your life.

If you are willing to engage in interactive discussion, that will help you obtain the benefits available from the therapist's viewpoint, insight, and experience.

If you have a warm relationship with your therapist, you will be more likely to benefit from what he or she has to offer.


My Policies

I'm in private practice. I see individuals, couples, and families -- adults, adolescents, and children. I use cognitive techniques, gestalt, behavior modification, and insight, among other therapy methods. For a discussion of techniques, see What Exactly Is Psychotherapy?

For those unable to visit my office, I also provide telephone therapy, and therapy via the Internet (details on the Internet Therapy page of psytalk).

I am a Medicare participant. I accept insurance with "out of network" coverage of several HMOs. When these don't apply, I utilize a negotiated, sliding-scale fee arrangement.

Prior to becoming a therapist, I worked for several years in the aerospace industry and twelve years as head of a public relations agency. Becoming a therapist was a mid-life career change -- one I'm glad I made.

For more information about me, check out my Professional Credentials.

Or give me a call at (718) 274-1893.



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