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Coming soon...information about Bill's book: If It Hurts So Much, Why Do I KEEP Doing It?

Explore the psychology of emotion -- feelings such as depression, anxiety, boredom, frustration, loneliness, shame, guilt and anger. Learn how to deal with stress, procrastination, lack of power, conflict, dependency, passivity and aggression. Look at psychic issues along with those of social interaction. Request special articles on subjects you choose. Attain self empowerment and personal success.

A publication for people who want to understand people.

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Self-help Section

Finding A Therapist

The Psychology of Everyday Living - for Couples, Individuals, Family Concerns, Addiction

Responses to Readers' Requests

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General Information about psytalk


Self-help Section

This section is one of the basic reasons for the existence of this psytalk web site. The site contains psychological and therapeutic ideas I don't believe you will find readily elsewhere. I'm putting them on the Web because it is a way of sharing these ideas with far more people than I could possibly reach any other way. I hope you find the concepts useful.

The Self-help Section includes the following articles:

You Can Help Yourself ...people grow all the time. This is an introduction to the self-help articles. It covers some things anyone pursuing self-help psychology needs to know.

twisted CAUTION sign CAUTION! Find out about the risks!

What Is Psychotherapy? Is it useful to work with a therapist? Or are you better off doing it yourself?

What Your Doctor May Be Missing

Why Be Assertive? What assertiveness is. How you can recognize it. What it can do for you.


Finding A Therapist

How to pursue mental health is a personal matter. There are often good reasons for using self-help methods -- it costs less, you may preserve important feelings of independence, and you avoid scheduling difficulties. There are also very practical reasons for seeking a therapist -- the most prominent of these is that it is usually a lot faster, meaning you get to enjoy the benefits of mental health sooner and longer.

On the Finding A Therapist page you can:

  • Examine my outlook on the therapy process.
  • Initiate internet therapy with me.
  • Check out my credentials.


The Psychology of Everyday Living

A columnist's views. Commentary for couples, individuals, parents, families, co-dependents, and seniors.

Each and every day presents us with a host of practical problems. The aim of these columns is to provide a reasonable approach to situations that are common. The columns are grouped into six categories (those with hot-link highlighting are available now):

Couples' Issues...developing ways to get along with one another.

The Essence of Compatibility.

Coping With Marital Conflict. (Still in the works, please check later).

Individual's Difficulties

What Your Doctor May Be Missing: It can delay -- or even prevent -- getting proper help.

The Psychology of Money. Does it freak you out? (Watch for this upcoming piece.)

Family Concerns

Recognizing Diseases That Mimic Alzheimer's. Don't assume someone has it. Get a reliable diagnosis. (Scheduled for an early posting.)

Co-dependents' Situations...dealing with people who abuse alcohol or drugs.

Is Someone You Love Hooked?... a three-article series:

  1. Recognizing the problem.
    FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions).
  2. Taking Care of Yourself.
    More FAQs...including how to intervene.
  3. Solo Intervention.
    Additional FAQs.

Husband Drinks Because He's "Bored" ...(see also "Responses to Readers' Requests" section).


Responses to Readers' Requests

You can have an role in determining the content of psytalk. The central purpose of this publication is to provide exactly the kind of information you want. So be a part of it. Let me know what you'd like to see discussed in these pages.

Husband Drinks Because He's "Bored".

How To Communicate With A Narcissist.



Sundry articles, ideas, jokes, fables, etc. -- all relating to the basic idea of psytalk. See what catches your fancy. This Miscellaneous Section includes the following:

Interviews At A Mental Health Clinic. A frivolity.


Guest Page...

Tell me about it. This is a place where you can inquire about therapy, register your responses to psytalk, make requests, or initiate some other interaction. The ball is in your court.


General Information

Who's responsible for psytalk? Bill Snow, a psychotherapist in private practice in Woodside (Queens), NY. If you'd like, take a look at his credentials. Thanks for the opportunity to do some sharing of ideas and thoughts with you -- about human behavior, happiness, civilization, psychotherapy, this and that, jokes, and trivia. I hope some of the topics will be useful and capture your fancy.

For an overview of what's in psytalk... Take a look at the Site Map. If you'd like to comment or raise a question, you will find the Guest Page convenient.


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